Details about the Fall 2020 Holistic Review

We are no longer accepting prospective reader applications for this year's Holistic Review process. Our application will be available again in September 2020 for the Fall 2021 Holistic Review process. Please check back then.

Thanks for your interest in our process!

UCLA Undergraduate Admission employs application readers to assist in the Holistic Review of freshman applicants. For the Fall Quarter 2020 admissions cycle, we expect to hire an extremely limited number of new readers.

Interested applicants must meet minimum requirements and will be selected based on the criteria shown below.

Minimum requirements to apply:

  • Bachelor's degree or higher
  • Able to attend mandatory overview and norming sessions on campus
  • Able to successfully complete training/certification process
  • Able to fulfill a weekly reading/scoring commitment
  • Access to a computer with an internet connection
  • Available for training and reading from mid-November through late January
  • Willing to read applications exclusively for UCLA between November and January

Evaluation Criteria:

We expect the competition for the few available slots to be extremely high and that many very qualified applicants will not be selected. The following criteria will be used in the evaluation process:

  • Work experience in the area of college counseling. Extra consideration is given to counselors currently working at a high school, especially those from low API schools.
  • Experience and/or employment in areas or programs that promote and/or prepare prospective students for post-secondary education
  • Level of affiliation to UCLA (e.g. Alumni Committees, volunteers for various UCLA events, former/retired UARS staff, etc.)
  • UCLA employment status. Consideration is given to current UCLA staff who have extensive interactions with large numbers of students or student organizations (e.g. outreach programs, orientation programs, yield activities, etc.)

What's involved:

  • Early November
    Review the Holistic Review overview, guidelines, and other training materials.

  • Early - Mid November: Overview Training
    Attend one full-day overview session on campus and complete about 3-5 hours worth of homework following your overview training.

  • Mid - Late November: Norming Session #1
    Attend one half-day follow-up norming session on campus where we will review the training applications you previously completed as homework. After the session, you will receive some additional training applications to be worked on at home.

  • Early/Mid-December: Certification Process
    While at home, review and score the additional training applications distributed after Norming Session #1 (approximately 5-10 hours worth). During this time we will review your progress and provide you with feedback via email and/or phone.

  • Mid-December through late January
    Once you have successfully completed our training process, we will provide you with real applications to read and score at home. All applications are to be read/reviewed online.

  • Early January: Norming Session #2
    Participate in a condensed two-hour follow-up norming session online.

Rates of Compensation

  • 500 applications for $1,350
  • 600 applications for $1,595
  • 700 applications for $1,840
  • 800 applications for $2,085
  • 900 applications for $2,330
  • 1000 applications for $2,575

Please note that the rates represent the total compensation for reading and training, and that app levels are in terms of real applications.

If you are selected, we will do our best to fulfill your chosen level of participation. However, in some cases, we may need to adjust your numbers based upon our needs. New readers are generally assigned 500 applications to start off.