UCLA Undergraduate Majors

UCLA College of Letters and Science

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African American Studies (B.A.)

African and Middle Eastern Studies (B.A.) [1]

American Indian Studies (B.A.)

American Literature and Culture (B.A.)

Ancient Near East and Egyptology (B.A.)

Anthropology (B.A.)

Anthropology (B.S.)

Arabic (B.A.)

Art History (B.A.)

Asian American Studies (B.A.)

Asian Humanities (B.A.)

Asian Languages and Linguistics (B.A.) NEW

Asian Religions (B.A.)

Asian Studies (B.A.) [1]

Astrophysics (B.S.)

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (B.S.)

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences/Mathematics (B.S.)

Biochemistry (B.S.)

Biology (B.S.) [2]

Biophysics (B.S.)

Business Economics (B.A.) [1,2,3]

Central and East European Languages and Cultures (B.A.)

Chemistry (B.S.)

Chemistry/Materials Science (B.S.)

Chicana and Chicano Studies (B.A.)

Chinese (B.A.)

Classical Civilization (B.A.)

Climate Science (B.S.) NEW

Cognitive Science (B.S.) [1]

Communication (B.A.) [2,5]

Comparative Literature (B.A.)

Computational and Systems Biology (B.S.) [1]

Data Theory (B.S.) NEW

Earth and Environmental Science (B.A.)

Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (B.S.) [2]

Economics (B.A.) [1,2,3]

English (B.A.)[2]

Environmental Science (B.S.)

European Studies (B.A.) [1]

French (B.A.)

French and Linguistics (B.A.)

Gender Studies (B.A.)

Geography (B.A.)

Geography/Environmental Studies (B.A.)

Geology B.S.)

Geology/Engineering Geology (B.S.)

Geophysics (B.S.)

German (B.A.)

Global Studies (B.A.) [1,2]

Greek (B.A.)

Greek and Latin (B.A.)

History (B.A.) [1]

Human Biology and Society (B.A.)[1]

Human Biology and Society (B.S.) [1,2]

International Development Studies (B.A.) [1,2]

Iranian Studies (B.A.)


Italian (B.A.)

Italian and Special Fields (B.A.)

Japanese (B.A.)

Jewish Studies (B.A.)

Korean (B.A.)

Labor Studies (B.A.) NEW

Latin (B.A.)

Latin American Studies (B.A.) [1]

Linguistics (B.A.)

Linguistics and Anthropology (B.A.)

Linguistics and Asian Languages and Cultures (B.A.)

Linguistics and Computer Science (B.A.)

Linguistics and English (B.A.)

Linguistics and French (B.A.)

Linguistics and Italian (B.A.)

Linguistics and Philosophy (B.A.)

Linguistics and Psychology (B.A.)

Linguistics and Scandinavian Languages (B.A.)

Linguistics and Spanish (B.A.)

Linguistics, Applied (B.A.)

Marine Biology (B.S.) [2]

Mathematics (B.S.) [1]

Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) [1]

Mathematics/Applied Science (B.S.) [1]

Mathematics/Economics (B.S.) [1,2]

Mathematics, Financial Actuarial (B.S) [1,2]

Mathematics for Teaching (B.S.) [1]

Mathematics of Computation (B.S.) [1]

Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) [2]

Middle Eastern Studies (B.A.)

Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology (B.S.) [2]

Neuroscience (B.S.) [2]

Nordic Studies (B.A.) NEW

Philosophy (B.A.)

Physics (B.A.) [4]

Physics (B.S.)

Physiological Science (B.S.) [2]

Political Science (B.A.)[1,2]

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies (B.A.)

Psychobiology (B.S.)[1,2]

Psychology (B.A.) [1,2]

Religion, Study of (B.A.)

Russian Language and Literature (B.A.)

Russian Studies (B.A.)

Scandinavian Languages and Cultures (B.A.)

Sociology (B.A.) [1,2]

Spanish (B.A.)

Spanish and Community and Culture (B.A.)

Spanish and Linguistics (B.A.)

Spanish and Portuguese (B.A.)

Statistics (B.S.) [1]

Individual Field of Concentration (B.A./ B.S.) [4]

Undeclared [6]
- Humanities
- Life Sciences
- Physical Sciences
- Social Sciences

Transfer applicants to majors in the College must complete lower division preparation course work specific to their intended majors.

Numbers following some of the majors refer to the following restrictions:

1. Applicants are admitted to pre-major status until prerequisites are satisfactorily completed.
2. Transfer applicants should note that demand for this major significantly exceeds space available at the transfer level.
3. Transfer students who are admitted to a major outside the Department of Economics are not permitted to transfer into one of the economics majors.
4. Not open to entering students.
5. Open to junior level applicants only (60 semester/90 quarter units completed by transfer).
6. Only freshman level applicants may apply as undeclared.

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