Meet your Counselor

Meet your UCLA admission counselor. They visit high schools, community colleges, and participate in college fairs regionally, nationally, and internationally throughout the year.

Our counselors are your first point of contact for all questions, and they are here to help you through the college search, application, and admission process.

For general questions, contact the admission office.

Note: Your counselor is based on the high school you attend, or if home schooled, where you live. If you are a prospective transfer student in California, your counselor is based on the California Community College you attend. If you live outside of California, your counselor is based on the state or country where you attend college.

Meet the admission counselor assigned specifically to you.

California Community College Counselor
Allan Hancock College Ivette Bustamante
American River College Melisa Silva
Antelope Valley College Marlon Green
Deanecia White -inactive for fall term
Bakersfield College Melisa Silva
Barstow College Tesla Parrales
Berkeley City College Paitzar Giourdjian
Butte College Jesse Arias
Cabrillo College Ivette Bustamante
Canada College Jessica Romero
Cerritos College Melisa Silva
Cerro Coso Community College Jessica Romero
Brennan Burnett -inactive for fall term
Chabot College Jessica Romero
Chaffey College Adriana Ceron
Citrus College Melisa Silva
City College of San Francisco Jessica Romero
Clovis College Melisa Silva
Coastline Community College Travis Fuller
College of Alameda Paitzar Giourdjian
College of Marin LaWanda Bains
College of San Mateo Jessica Romero
College of the Canyons Adam Lopez
College of the Desert Jessica Romero
College of the Redwoods Nick Eittreim
College of the Sequoias Jessica Romero
College of the Siskiyous Connie Wu
Columbia College Trisha Del Barrio
Compton College Ivette Bustamante
Contra Costa College Paitzar Giourdjian
Copper Mountain College Marlon Green
Deanecia White -inactive for fall term
Cosumnes River College Paitzar Giourdjian
Crafton Hills College Marlon Green
Cuesta College Adriana Ceron
Cuyamaca College Nick Eittreim
Cypress College Nick Eittreim
De Anza College Jessica Romero
Diablo Valley College Paitzar Giourdjian
East Los Angeles College Jessica Romero
East Los Angeles Satellite Jessica Romero
El Camino College Paitzar Giourdjian
Evergreen Valley College Jessica Romero
Feather River College Travis Fuller
Folsom Lake College Nick Eittreim
Foothill College Jessica Romero
Fullerton College Jesse Arias
Fresno City College Melisa Silva
Gavilan College Marlon Green
Glendale Community College Paitzar Giourdjian
Golden West College Adriana Ceron
Grossmont College Nick Eittreim
Hartnell College Inez Abu-Malhi
Imperial Valley College Adriana Ceron
Irvine Valley College Connie Wu & Nick Eittreim
Lake Tahoe Community College Adam Lopez
Laney College Paitzar Giourdjian
Las Positas Jessica Romero
Lassen College Tesla Parrales
Long Beach City College Jesse Arias & Marlon Green
Los Angeles City College Cassandra Patillo & Adriana Ceron
Los Angeles Harbor College Ivette Bustamante
Los Angeles Mission College Trisha Del Barrio
Brennan Burnett -inactive for fall term
Los Angeles Pierce College Paitzar Giourdjian & Trisha Del Barrio
Los Angeles Southwest College Cassandra Patillo & Adriana Ceron
Los Angeles Trade-Technical  College Melisa Silva
Los Angeles Valley College Paitzar Giourdjian
Los Medanos College Adam Lopez
Mendocino College Cassandra Patillo
Merced College Melisa Silva
Merritt College Paitzar Giourdjian
Mira Costa College Nick Eittreim
Mission College Cassandra Patillo
Modesto Junior College Melisa Silva
Monterey Peninsula College Tesla Parrales
Moorpark College Trisha Del Barrio
Brennan Burnett -inactive for fall term
Moreno Valley College Adriana Ceron
Mt. San Antonio College Tesla Parrales
Mt. San Jacinto College Adriana Ceron
Napa Valley College Melisa Silva
Norco College Adriana Ceron
Ohlone College Jessica Romero
Orange Coast College Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Oxnard College Inez Abu-Malhi
Palo Verde College Travis Fuller
Palomar College Nick Eittreim
Pasadena City College Adam Lopez & Marlon Green
Deanecia White -inactive for fall term
Porterville College LaWanda Bains
Reedley College Melisa Silva
Rio Hondo College Jessica Romero
Riverside City College Adriana Ceron
Sacramento City College Melisa Silva
Saddleback College Travis Fuller
San Bernardino Valley College Adriana Ceron
San Diego City College Nick Eittreim
San Diego Mesa College Nick Eittreim
San Diego Miramar College Nick Eittreim
San Joaquin Delta College Melisa Silva
San Jose City College Jessica Romero
Santa Ana College Nick Eittreim
Santa Barbara City College Jessica Romero
Santa Monica College Connie Wu & Jessica Romero
Santa Rosa Junior College Jessica Romero
Santiago Canyon College Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Shasta College Jesse Arias
Sierra College Melisa Silva
Skyline College Jessica Romero
Solano Community College Melisa Silva
Southwestern College Nick Eittreim
Taft College Trisha Del Barrio
Deanecia White -inactive for fall term
Ventura College Inez Abu-Malhi
Victor Valley College Trisha Del Barrio
West Hills College Coalinga Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
West Hills College Lemoore Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
West Los Angeles College LaWanda Bains
West Valley College Jessica Romero
Woodland Community College LaWanda Bains
Yuba College Inez Abu-Malhi

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U.S. State Counselor
Alabama Daisha Matthews
Alaska Annie Huerta
Arizona Jasmin Pivaral
Arkansas Daisha Matthews
Colorado Sabrina Johnson
Connecticut Annie Huerta
Delaware Jamika Williams
Florida Daisha Matthews
Georgia Daisha Matthews
Hawaii Gary Clark
Idaho Barry Chaiveera
Illinois Emma Zawacki
Indiana Emma Zawacki
Iowa Emma Zawacki
Kansas Emma Zawacki
Kentucky Stephanie Hartfield
Louisiana Daisha Matthews
Maine Annie Huerta
Maryland Jamika Williams
Massachusetts Annie Huerta
Michigan Emma Zawacki
Minnesota Emma Zawacki
Mississippi Daisha Matthews
Missouri Emma Zawacki
Montana Barry Chaiveera
Nebraska Barry Chaiveera
Nevada Jasmin Pivaral
New Hampshire Annie Huerta
New Jersey Scott Wilson
New Mexico Jasmin Pivaral
New York Scott Wilson
North Carolina Daisha Matthews
North Dakota Barry Chaiveera
Ohio Emma Zawacki
Oklahoma Stephanie Hartfield
Oregon Barry Chaiveera
Pennsylvania Jamika Williams
Rhode Island Annie Huerta
South Carolina Daisha Matthews
South Dakota Barry Chaiveera
Tennessee Daisha Matthews
Texas Stephanie Hartfield
Utah Sabrina Johnson
Vermont Annie Huerta
Virginia Jamika Williams
Washington Barry Chaiveera
Washington DC Jamika Williams
West Virginia Jamika Williams
Wisconsin Emma Zawacki
Wyoming Barry Chaiveera

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Region Counselor
East Asia
   China Adam Lopez
   Hong Kong and Taiwan Connie Wu
   All other countries Connie Wu
South & Southeast Asia
   India Travis Fuller
   All other countries Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
   British Columbia & West Connie Wu
   Ontario & East Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Central America & Caribbean Inez Abu-Malhi
Europe Ffiona Rees
Mexico Inez Abu-Malhi
Middle East
   Turkey Seray Teleke
   All other countries Seray Teleke
South America Seray Teleke

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