Students playing taiko

Student Life

Want to maximize your time at UCLA? Then read on.

As a UCLA student, you'll spend plenty of time going to class, studying and building a great academic foundation. But you'll also have lots of hours that won't be "book time." This is when you'll have a chance to meet new people, learn about things you'll never find in the lecture hall and have a lot of fun.

Get Involved

Take it "beyond the classroom" and join one of our more than 1,200 campus clubs or organizations. You'll find experiences like community service and leadership opportunities to learn skills that  give you an edge after graduation and help you be a contributor and a leader anywhere.

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Find Support

Need assistance? Want information? Stop by the Transfer Resource Center, Student Legal Services, the LGBT Resource Center or any of the other numerous support services we offer. We can provide information on topics that are crucial to all our futures, as well as invaluable services, advising and referrals.