Luskin School of Public Affairs
Transfer Admission

The world needs agents of social change whose passion to improve people’s lives is matched by the knowledge and skills to deliver results. UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs will help cultivate this next generation of civic-minded leaders with a new undergraduate degree, launching in the fall of 2018.

The B.A. in Public Affairs offers an in-depth and engaged educational experience with a clear public service ethos. The undergraduate major is centered around a multidisciplinary foundation in the social sciences, with an applied emphasis on knowledge and methods for improving society.

The major includes a required experiential learning capstone in the senior year, connecting the dots between theory and action. This capstone combines a multi-quarter internship in a community or government organization with a seminar series in which students develop a project. Most of these capstone projects will take place in the greater Los Angeles area, providing an amazing opportunity for undergraduates to contribute to our global city in a sustained and substantial way.

To be considered for admission, applicants to Public Affairs pre-major must have a minimum cumulative 3.2 GPA in all transferable coursework at the end of the fall term prior to transfer. Students must attain junior level standing (at least 60 semester/ 90 quarter transferable units) by the end of the spring term prior to transfer. California Community college students are strongly encouraged to complete IGETC; all other transfer students are encouraged to make progress toward completion of the Luskin School’s general education requirements.

NOTE: Applicants are admitted to pre-major status in the College of Letters and Science until prerequisites are satisfactorily completed. Applicants should note that this major is listed under the College of Letters and Science in the UC Application and that the Luskin School has the same general education requirements as the College of Letters and Science.

Key Points
  • Minimum GPA: 3.2
  • IGETC Required: No, but strongly encouraged
  • Double-major possible: Yes
  • Supplemental application required: No

Major Requirements

To be competitive for admission, it is strongly recommended that students complete four (4) of the major preparation courses or equivalents, including PA 40 and PA 60, by the end of the fall prior to transfer. Students must take all major preparation courses for a letter grade and receive a B grade or better in those courses to be competitive for admission. All additional major preparatory coursework should be completed by the end of the spring prior to transfer.

If admitted, students must complete all remaining preparatory courses with a B grade or better in their first year at UCLA. Students will be required to submit a supplemental application to the Luskin School during their first year, in order to be admitted to the major. Students must apply to the major before they have completed 135 quarter units.

Course Requirements


  • PA 20: The equivalent of UCLA’s POL SCI 40 (Introduction to American Politics )
  • PA 30: The equivalent of UCLA's POLI SCI 50 or 50R AND ECON 2 (Introduction to Comparative Politics AND Macroeconomics)
  • PA 40: The equivalent of UCLA's ECON 1 or ECON 11 (Microeconomics)
  • PA 50: The equivalent of UCLA's POLI SCI 10 (Introduction to Political Theory)
  • PA 60: The equivalent of UCLA's STATS 10 (Introduction to Statistical Reasoning)
    • Highly recommended: If your school offers the equivalent to SOCIOL 20 (Introduction to Sociological Research Methods), it is highly recommended that this course is taken in addition to STATS 10.
    • Please note: If the statistics course you complete does not use R for data management and analysis, you will be required to take a data management & analysis course involving the use of R software in your first quarter at UCLA.
  • PA 80: A course focused on lifespan human development (preferred) or child and adolescent development

Contact Information

Luskin School of Public Affairs
Phone: (310) 794-4080