Human Biology and Society (B.A.)*

Major preparation requirements

See life sciences majors section for requirements for the B.S. degree in this subject.

  • One course in human evolution
  • One year of biology with lab for the major (evolution, cellular)
  • One course in statistics
  • One semester of general chemistry
  • One course from the following:
    • Philosophy (contemporary moral issues, political philosophy, philosophy of science, or ethical theory)
    • Introduction to gender studies
  • One course from the following:
    • Sociocultural anthropology
    • Cultural geography
    • Introduction to sociology
    • Introduction to Chicana/Chicano Studies (social structure & contemporary conditions)

To be considered for this major, a minimum of five preparatory courses must be completed by the spring before transfer.

More information

* This major is highly selective. Demand for this major significantly exceeds space available.

* Students are classified as Pre-Human Biology and Society until lower division preparation courses are completed at UCLA.

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