College of Letters and Science

Transfer Admission

Listed below are the majors within the College of Letters and Science with links to the lower division preparatory courses for each. You should complete as many preparatory courses as possible prior to transferring, based on the availability of the courses at your current and/or local schools. California community college students are strongly encouraged to complete IGETC; all other transfer students are encouraged to make progress toward completion of the UCLA general education requirements.

Some majors are highly selective; for these we look for look for stronger preparation and the completion of most preparatory courses before transferring. A significant number of courses should be completed at the time of application. Consider your major choice carefully. Changing your major once you have been admitted to UCLA may not be an option. 

Consult your college counselor, ASSIST, or the UCLA General Catalog to determine equivalent coursework offered at the institution you are currently attending and for information about the General Education requirement. Applications are accepted for the fall quarter only.

Please refer to Transfer Admission for additional information on transfer admission requirements.

The Articulation Guide highlights changes and updates for 2019-2020.

Major Preparation for Transfer Students

  1. Students are classified as pre-majors until the lower division preparation courses are completed at UCLA.
  2. Admission to this major is highly selective, as the number of applicants greatly exceeds space available.
  3. You must be admitted directly into this major. You will not be able to change into this major after admission to UCLA.