Sending Official Records - Freshmen

Unless otherwise stated in your Admission Contract, the deadline for receipt of official transcripts and test scores by Undergraduate Admission is July 1, 2018.

Note: Please let us know any names that appear on previous records if they differ from the names you provided on your application form. If your transcripts and test scores are not received by July 15, 2018, a hold will be placed on your record. This will prevent you from enrolling in classes and receiving services from the university.

Sending Transcripts

UCLA needs official transcripts from the following:

  • Your high school of graduation
    The transcript must show your entire high school program from grades 9-12 and graduation date.
  • Previous high schools
    If you took courses at any other US school that do not show up (including grades) on the transcript from your high school of graduation, then we will need transcripts from these schools as well.
  • Colleges or universities
    If you took any courses at a college or university we must have official transcripts from the school where you took these courses, even if the college/university work appears on your high school transcript. Note: the sooner you send us these records the more likely they'll be incorporated into your student record when you enroll in your first term at UCLA, and that will help you make better course choices.
  • Non-US schools
    If you took any courses at institutions outside the US, then we will need official transcripts from those schools, even if this work appears on your high school transcript.
  • GCSE/IGCSE/O-level and GCE A-level exams (Students on the British system)
    You must request official Certifying Statements of Results from each examining board for all GCSE/IGCSE/O-level and GCE A-level examinations. Certified true copies will not be accepted. Do not mail your original certificates, as they will not be returned.

Send transcripts to:

UCLA Undergraduate Admission 
1147 Murphy Hall, Box 951436
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1436

Attn: Transcripts

Sending Test Scores

ACT and SAT Scores

You must also (if you have not already done so) submit official results for ACT and/or SAT examinations you took or indicated you planned to take on your application. 

Institution Codes for UCLA
ACT  0448
SAT  4837

AP or IB Scores

If you passed any Advanced Placement (AP) or higher level International Baccalaureate (IB) exams you must have official results sent to UCLA by the testing agency to receive credit. Provided we receive your official results, credit from these exams should appear on your record some time during your first term at UCLA.

You can check to see whether your transcripts and test scores have been received on MyUCLA.