FAQs from Transfer Applicants

Here are the most common questions from prospective transfer applicants interested in UCLA.

Q: What is the next available term that I can apply to UCLA?

A: UCLA only admits new students for the fall term. The application will be available on August 1. The filing period is November 1-30.

Q: How do I apply?

A: To be considered for admission to any of the University of California (UC) campuses, including UCLA, you must complete the UC application and submit it during the filing period.

Q: Where do I send transcripts or letters of recommendation?

A: UCLA does not require letters of recommendation or official transcripts during the admission selection process. Our review is based on the self-reported information provided on the UC Application. If additional information or materials are necessary, we will contact you directly with a specific request.

Exception: Applicants to majors in certain specialty schools (i.e. Arts & Architecture; Music; Nursing; Theater, Film & Television) may be required to submit additional materials as part of the supplemental application procedures.

Q: How do I sign up for my admission interview?

A: Generally speaking, UCLA does not conduct interviews during the review process. Our decision is based on the self-reported information provided on the UC Application. Applicants to the School of Theater, Film and Television or School of Music may be asked to participate in an interview on an as-needed basis (e.g. if additional information is necessary).

Q: What should I say in my answers to the personal insight questions?

A: The personal insight questions give students an opportunity to highlight their best attributes and to share personal experiences that are not evident in the academic sections of the UC application. The questions are designed to help us learn more about you and what you would bring to the undergraduate student community. Here are some helpful tips to consider.

Q: I'm planning to apply to a specialty school for fall. What additional information is required?

A: Depending on the major, you may be required to submit a portfolio, participate in an audition, or send in recommendation letters.

Q: Where do I get information on Financial Aid or scholarships?

A: For general information on financial aid and scholarships, please visit the UC Admissions site. Most financial aid is dependent on the amount of money the school has for a particular quarter and the needs of the students attending. The first step in finding out whether you qualify for financial aid is to file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form between October 1 and March 2 for aid beginning in the following fall term. You are also welcome to contact the UCLA Financial Aid Office.

Q: How do I get my past college coursework evaluated so that I have an idea of what college coursework is transferable to UCLA?

A: UCLA does not pre-evaluate coursework, but there are two main ways (described below) to determine whether a course is transferable for credit. Keep in mind, courses completed at other UC main campuses are transferable to UCLA.

  • California community college students can check whether their courses are transferable to UCLA by referring to the articulation agreements on the ASSIST website.
  • Private, out-of-state, and international institutions do not have articulation agreements with UCLA. Therefore, we encourage students attending these institutions to compare their course descriptions with UCLA's General Catalog or course descriptions. The more similar the courses are, the more likely it is transferable. Remember, there is no guarantee.

Q: What courses from my school would fulfill the transfer Math Requirement at UCLA?

A: You will need to complete a transferable math course with a prerequisite of intermediate algebra or higher. Usually, this can be a course in College Algebra, Statistics, Finite Math, or Calculus.

Q: What is the minimum (or maximum) number of units I can transfer to UCLA?

COVID-19 update

UC has temporarily suspended its cap on Pass/No Pass (Credit/No Credit) units required to enroll at a UC campus as a junior. Any courses taken with Pass/No Pass or Credit/No Credit grading in the winter, spring and summer terms of 2020 will not count toward UC’s limit of 14 semester/21 quarter transferable units.

A: Transfer students must be at junior-level standing (60-86 semester units/90-129 quarter units) by the end of the spring term prior to the fall that they are applying for. Keep in mind that the units used to determine junior-level standing have to be transferable.

Note: UCLA will only allow up to 70 semester/105 quarter units from transferable lower division coursework to be applied towards your degree once you are admitted. Therefore, transfers with more than the 86 semester or 129 quarter maximum number of units from 2-year colleges will still be considered as junior-level. UC courses and upper division courses from 4-year institutions will not be capped (at 70 semester/105 quarter units). Those units can put you at risk of exceeding the maximum for transfer eligibility and becoming senior-level.

Q: Can I apply to UCLA as an undeclared major?

A: No. Transfer students must apply to a specific major. UCLA policy requires that all students declare their major by the time they reach junior standing. Transfers are also expected to complete lower division preparation coursework for their intended majors before transferring.

Q: Can I sit down with a counselor and plan the courses I should be taking?

A: Due to the high volume of prospective applicants, we are unable to meet individually with students upon request in order to evaluate previous coursework or help plan future courses.

Transfer students must declare a major and are considered for admission based on the major-specific preparation courses completed. The UCLA Transfer Admission Guide outlines the major prerequisites we expect to be finished no later than the spring term prior to transfer.

If you are currently attending a California Community College (CCC), you can contact the Transfer Center there or the UCLA Undergraduate Admission counselor assigned to your school. We also encourage you to visit ASSIST to see which courses are transferable between your CCC and UCLA.

Q: I'm an international student, What tests do I need to take?

A: International students whose language of instruction is not English are required to take either the Test of English as as Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

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