FAQs From Freshman Applicants Who Were Not Offered Admission

Here are the most common questions from freshman applicants who were not admitted to UCLA.

Q: Why I was denied?

A: Each application is read at least twice and selection is based on a holistic review of all self-reported information—both academic and personal. Since admission is not determined by a formula, we cannot pinpoint a specific reason (e.g. one low test score or grade) for why an individual was not admitted.

Generally speaking, UCLA cannot accept every eligible student because of capacity. For Fall 2020, we received more than 108,000 freshman applications for a class of just over 6,000 new freshmen. That means we had to turn away more than 95,000 applicants. Among these were some of the brightest and most accomplished high school seniors in the state. Therefore, increasing competition and limited space results in greater selectivity each year. We strongly encourage you to focus on the options you have.

Below are the statistics on GPAs, courses, and ACT/SAT scores within the 25th and 75th percentile mark for the Fall 2020 admitted class.

Admission Statistics

Fully-Weighted GPA
extra grade point for honors
Unweighted GPA
no extra grade point for honors

Composite Score
Composite Score
75th percentile 4.68
25th percentile 4.36
75th percentile 4.00
25th percentile 3.92
75th percentile 35
25th percentile 31
75th percentile 1540
25th percentile 1370

*These figures are for domestic applicants only.

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Q: Can I be placed on your waitlist?

A: Applicants to be invited to UCLA's waitlist are selected prior to the release of decisions. Therefore, applicants themselves cannot request to be placed on the waitlist.

Q: Can I appeal my decision?

A: Since all applications are already reviewed holistically and more than the minimum two times in some cases, admission decisions are rarely overturned. Therefore, for an appeal to have merit, it must present new information – content that was not reported in the original application (e.g. missing ACT/SAT scores, AP/Honors classes). This information may reveal a stronger academic record than demonstrated before. Additional extracurricular activities or senior year final grades (with the exception of those who graduated early) will not be considered a valid basis for the reversal of a decision because these were not available at the time of submission in November.

In rare cases, students may find it necessary to be in Los Angeles due to a personal hardship. In itself, this is not necessarily grounds for reversal of an admission decision since there are several other colleges in the Los Angeles area. Academic qualifications combined with the particular hardship listed would allow for an additional review of an applicant. If you base your appeal on an emergency or sudden-need situation, please be prepared to document your circumstances.

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Q: Was I considered for my alternate major?

A: We guarantee review of first-choice majors only. Furthermore, majors in the College of Letters and Science are not factored into the review process, whereas those offered by the professional schools* are. Due to the high volume of applicants and limited space, professional schools do not normally consider the alternate major.

*Herb Alpert School of Music; Samueli School of Engineering; School of Nursing; School of the Arts and Architecture; School of Theater, Film and Television


Q: I was ELC Eligible, why was I not admitted to UCLA?

A: ELC students are guaranteed a spot at one of the nine UC Undergraduate campuses, though not necessarily at their campus or program of choice.

Q: I would still like to attend UCLA. What are my options?

A: Entering UCLA as a freshman is not your only option. We also accept applications from Transfers, students who have already graduated from high school and completed generally their first two years of college at another institution. Note that while we accept applications from students from other 4-year institutions, we give priority consideration to those transferring from other UC Campuses and California Community Colleges. Many of these schools have special programs that help students prepare to transfer to UCLA or other 4-year institutions.

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Q: I was denied for Fall quarter, can I apply for winter quarter?

A: No, UCLA only admits new students for the fall quarter.

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