About Transfer Credit

Undergraduate Admission determines the transferability of course work taken at other institutions for both newly admitted transfer students and for current UCLA students who attend other institutions during Summer Quarter. In doing so, we follow University of California transfer credit practices. PDF

Prospective UCLA Students

Unfortunately, we are not able to evaluate prospective students' course work as to its transferability to UCLA. Due to our large volume of applicants, we are only able to perform course-by-course evaluations for students admitted to UCLA, and who have notified us that they plan to enroll. 

If you are attending another University of California campus or California community college, most of your academic coursework will probably be transferable. For more information on transfer credit from California institutions, visit ASSIST, the statewide transfer information site. 

If you attend an institution outside California, you may gain some knowledge by comparing the catalog descriptions of courses you have taken against course descriptions in the UCLA General Catalog, though we cannot guarantee that this will prove accurate in all situations.

Please refer to Transfer Admission for information on transfer admission requirements.

Current UCLA Students

Transfer credit is not approved in advance. UARS will only evaluate non-UCLA coursework after courses have been completed and we have received a complete, official transcript with final grades. If you are participating in a study abroad organization which requires a signature in order for you to register, you should contact your school or college. However, please note that the signature does not guarantee that credit will be awarded.

To receive credit, you must:

Attend a regionally accredited U.S. college or university or a recognized university in another country. If you have questions concerning the accreditation or recognition of the institution you plan to attend, please contact us.

Take academic courses which are substantially similar to those offered by the University of California system.

Take courses that do not repeat material you have already completed.

Take all coursework in the proper sequential order.

Request that the institution attended send us an official transcript (this includes UCLA Extension). Requests for transcripts from foreign institutions should be made before you leave the country. No credit will be awarded for coursework appearing on a transcript issued by a study abroad organization.

Transcripts should be sent to:

UCLA Undergraduate Admission
1147 Murphy Hall
Box 951436
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1436

Check your Degree Progress Report on MyUCLA (please allow 2-3 weeks from the date you requested your transcript).