Meet your Counselor - LA

Meet your UCLA admission counselors. They visit high schools, community colleges, and participate in college fairs regionally, nationally, and internationally throughout the year.

Our counselors are your first point of contact for all questions and inquiries, and they are here to help you through the college search, application and admission process. Meet the admission counselor assigned specifically to you.

For general questions, contact the admission office.

Note: Your counselor is based on the location of the high school you attend. If a prospective transfer student in California, the counselor is based on the California Community College you attend. If outside of California, the counselor is based on the state where you attend college.

High School School Code Counselor
Abraham Lincoln High School 051520 Stephanie Hartfield
Academic Leadership Community 054254 Jamika Williams
Academy of Environmental and Social Policy at Roosevelt High School 054437 Jasmin Pivaral
Academy of Medical and Health Sciences at Roosevelt High School 054434 Jasmin Pivaral
Academy of Science and Engineering 054626 Tanner Weaver
Academy of the Canyons 053262 Michael Harrahill
AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School 050462 McKenna Rogan
AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High School 054246 Charlie Villalpando
Agoura High School 050003 Gary Clark
Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy 054367 Jasmin Pivaral
Albert Einstein Academy for Letters, Arts and Sciences 054493 Kendyl Barnholtz
Alexander Hamilton High School 051525 Gary Clark
Alhambra High School 050050 Scott Wilson
Alliance Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy High School 051804 Jimmy Aguilar
Alliance College - Ted K. Tajima High School 054513 Ashley Zhang
Alliance Collins Family College Ready High School 054118 Evie Klaassen
Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School 051779 Emma Rosenberg
Alliance Gertz-Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 Complex 053983 Jamika Williams
Alliance Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science High School 054163 Justin Shumate
Alliance Morgan McKinzie High School 054346 Hannah Nizinksi
Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex 051598 Kellie Carlson
Alverno High School 053378 Barry Chaiveera
Ambassador School of Global Leadership 051776 Amanda Martin
Anahuacalmecac International Preparatory High School  054332 Amanda Martin
Animo College Prep Academy 054569 Alyson Kim
Animo Inglewood Charter High School 051255 Jasmin Pivaral
Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School 054199 Lindsey Knight
Animo Leadership Charter High School 051257 Leah Bayers
Animo LeRoy Locke 2 College Preparatory Academy 054369 Jasmin Pivaral
Animo LeRoy Locke 3 College Preparatory Academy 051656 Jasmin Pivaral
Animo LeRoy Locke 4 College Preparatory Academy 054362 Jasmin Pivaral
Animo LeRoy Locke ACE Academy 054358 Jasmin Pivaral
Animo Pat Brown Charter High School 054238 Tiana Reneau
Animo Ralph Bunche Charter High School 054259 Emma Edmond
Animo South Los Angeles Charter High School 053975 Angie Solares
Animo Venice Charter High School 054069 Justin Shumate
Animo Watts College Preparatory Academy 054283 DJ Malloy
Antelope Valley High School 051355 Arni Daroy
APEX Academy 054291 Hannah Goldberg
Arcadia High School 050130 Barry Chaiveera
Archer School for Girls 052339 Ffiona Rees
Arleta High School 050068 Stephanie Hartfield
Arroyo High School 050830 Annie Huerta
Artesia High School 050155 Stephanie Hartfield
Azusa High School 050188 Scott Wilson
Baldwin Park High School 050225 Jamika Williams
Bassett High School 050238 Kosi Ogbuli
Bell Gardens High School 050265 Scott Wilson
Bell High School 050245 Scott Wilson
Bellarmine-Jefferson High School 050380 Stephanie Hartfield
Bellflower High School 050255 Jamika Williams
Belmont High School 051540 McKenna Rogan
Benjamin Franklin High School 051550 Jamika Williams
Bert Corona Charter School 050293 Veronica Louise Mendoza
Beverly Hills High School 050320 Scott Wilson
Birmingham Community Charter High School 053615 Gary Clark
Bishop Alemany High School 052898 McKenna Rogan
Bishop Amat Memorial High School 051362 Emma Rosenberg
Bishop Conaty-Our Lady of Loretto High School 051552 McKenna Rogan
Bishop Montgomery High School 053512 Angie Solares
Bishop Mora Salesian High School 051554 Evie Klaassen
Blair High School 052373 Barry Chaiveera
Bonita High School 051370 Scott Wilson
Brentwood School 051555 Mike Drish
Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy 054207 Faith Pigeon
Buckley School 051628 Mike Drish
Burbank High School 050385 Stephanie Hartfield
Calabasas High School 050421 Gary Clark
California Academy of Mathematics and Science 050491 Angie Solares
California High School 053755 Scott Wilson
Camino Nuevo High School 053991 Kellie Carlson
Campbell Hall 052133 Annie Huerta
Canoga Park High School 050465 McKenna Rogan
Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary High School 052020 Scott Wilson
Canyon High School 053341 McKenna Rogan
Carson High School 053515 Angie Solares
Cathedral High School 051560 Ally Crinklaw
Centennial High School 050650 Jasmin Pivaral
Central City Value High School 051764 Simran Kang
Cerritos High School 050527 Stephanie Hartfield
Chadwick School 052680 Ffiona Rees
Chaminade College Preparatory 051565 McKenna Rogan
Charter High of the Arts Multimedia and Performing School 054046 Faith Pigeon
Charter Oak High School 050693 Scott Wilson
Chatsworth High School 050528 McKenna Rogan
City Honors High School 051261 Jasmin Pivaral
Claremont High School 050590 Scott Wilson
Clark Magnet High School 051301 Barry Chaiveera
Cleveland High School 052618 McKenna Rogan
Cleveland High School Humanities Magnet 989915 McKenna Rogan
Community Health Advocates School 054633 Kristen Tang
Compton Senior High School 050651 Jasmin Pivaral
Covina High School 050700 Scott Wilson
Crenshaw Arts-Technology Charter High School 053910 Jamika Williams
Crenshaw Learn Charter High School 051569 Jamika Williams
Crescenta Valley High School 051313 Barry Chaiveera
Crespi Carmelite High School 050867 McKenna Rogan
Critical Design and Gaming School 054632 Kristen Tang
Crossroads School 053307 Annie Huerta
Culver City High School 050715 Annie Huerta
Da Vinci Design High School 051216 Ally Crinklaw
Da Vinci Science High School 054378 Kristen Tang
Damien High School 052502 Scott Wilson
David Starr Jordan High School - Long Beach 051465 Angie Solares
David Starr Jordan High School - Los Angeles 051575 Barry Chaiveera
de Toledo High School 053748 McKenna Rogan
Diamond Bar High School 050748 Mike Drish
Diamond Ranch High School 052516 Jamika Williams
Diego Rivera Learning Complex - Green Design Community School 051622 Simran Kang
Discovery Charter Preparatory School 052489 Jasmin Pivaral
Dominguez Senior High School 050652 Jasmin Pivaral
Don Bosco Technical Institute 053053 Sam Nishita
Downey High School 050770 Scott Wilson
Downtown Magnets High School 051576 Hannah Goldberg
Dr. Maya Angelou Community School 054547 McKenna Rogan
Duarte High School 050783 Barry Chaiveera
Eagle Rock High School 051580 Jamika Williams
East Los Angeles Performing Arts Academy 054452 Omar Habib
East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy 054450 Omar Habib
East Valley High School 054082 Barry Chaiveera
Eastside High School 054060 Bretton Stephenson
Edgewood High School 050707 Emma Edmond
Edward R Roybal Learning Center 051862 Kendyl Barnholtz
El Camino Real Charter High School 053801 McKenna Rogan
El Monte High School 050835 Annie Huerta
El Rancho High School 052655 Jamika Williams
El Segundo High School 050845 Angie Solares
Elizabeth Learning Center 050697 Justin Shumate
Engineering and Technology Academy at Esteban E. Torres High School 054441 Omar Habib
Environmental Charter High School 051472 Kendyl Barnholtz
Ernest McBride High School 054725 Angie Solares
Fairfax High School 051590 Stephanie Hartfield
Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez High School 054381 Michael Harrahill
Flintridge Preparatory School 052375 Barry Chaiveera
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy 052380 Barry Chaiveera
Foshay Learning Center 051788 McKenna Rogan
Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School 051719 Barry Chaiveera
Gabrielino High School 053062 Sam Nishita
Gahr High School 050722 Stephanie Hartfield
Ganesha High School 052503 Jamika Williams
Gardena High School 051020 Angie Solares
Garey High School 052501 Jamika Williams
George Washington Preparatory High School 051605 Barry Chaiveera
Gladstone High School 050190 Scott Wilson
Glen A Wilson High School 052694 Jamika Williams
Glendale High School 051050 Stephanie Hartfield
Glendora High School 051070 Scott Wilson
Golden Valley High School 053871 McKenna Rogan
Granada Hills Charter High School 051088 Gary Clark
Gretchen Whitney High School 050526 Stephanie Hartfield
Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy 053747 Angie Solares
Harvard-Westlake School 052159 Annie Huerta
Hawthorne High School 051145 Angie Solares
Hawthorne Math and Science Academy 051122 Angie Solares
Helen Bernstein High School 054249 Hannah Goldberg
Herbert Hoover High School 051060 Stephanie Hartfield
Heritage Christian School 053358 Stephanie Hartfield
High Tech High Los Angeles 051526 Jasmin Pivaral
Highland High School 052541 Camille Porter McAvoy
Hollywood High School 051615 Barry Chaiveera
Holy Family High School 051065 Stephanie Hartfield
Holy Martyrs - Ferrahian High School 050869 McKenna Rogan
Humanitas Academy of Art and Technology 054451 Omar Habib
Humanitas Art School at Roosevelt High School 054433 Jasmin Pivaral
Huntington Park High School 051230 Jasmin Pivaral
Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine 054667 DJ Malloy
Immaculate Heart High School 051625 Stephanie Hartfield
Inglewood High School 051260 Jasmin Pivaral
International Polytechnic School 052508 Jamika Williams
International Studies Learning Center 054028 Angie Solares
Ivy Academia 054234 Bretton Stephenson
James A. Garfield High School 051635 Annie Huerta
James Monroe High School 052902 Stephanie Hartfield
John A. Rowland High School 052696 Jamika Williams
John Burroughs High School 050400 Stephanie Hartfield
John C. Fremont High School 051645 McKenna Rogan
John F. Kennedy High School 051089 McKenna Rogan
John Glenn High School 052166 Stephanie Hartfield
John H. Francis Polytechnic High School 053467 Jasmin Pivaral
John Marshall Fundamental School 052388 Barry Chaiveera
John Marshall High School 051650 Jasmin Pivaral
John Muir High School 052390 Barry Chaiveera
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo High School 051504 Angie Solares
Judy Ivie Burton Technology High School 054088 Rhea Singh
Junipero Serra High School 051025 Angie Solares
King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science 051672 Annie Huerta
La Cañada High School 051312 Barry Chaiveera
La Mirada High School 051352 Stephanie Hartfield
La Puente High School 051359 Hannah Goldberg
La Salle High School 052392 Barry Chaiveera
La Serna High School 053756 Scott Wilson
Lakewood High School 051347 Stephanie Hartfield
Lancaster High School 051412 Tiana Reneau
LAUSD/USC Cinematic Arts and Engineering Magnet School 051652 McKenna Rogan
Lawndale High School 051431 Angie Solares
Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles 050321 McKenna Rogan
Lennox Mathematics, Science and Technology Academy 051498 Angie Solares
Leuzinger High School 051375 Angie Solares
Libra Academy 054644 DJ Malloy
Linda Marquez High School of Social Justice 054645 DJ Malloy
Littlerock High School 051418 Colton Plourde
Long Beach Polytechnic High School 051480 Angie Solares
Los Altos High School 051360 Jamika Williams
Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies 051561 Mike Drish
Los Angeles County High School for the Arts 051677 McKenna Rogan
Los Angeles High School of the Arts 054162 Amanda Martin
Los Angeles International Charter High School 054121 Arni Daroy
Los Angeles Leadership Academy High School 051660 Bretton Stephenson
Los Angeles River School 051737 Sam Nishita
Los Angeles School of Global Studies 054057 Jamika Williams
Los Angeles Senior High School 051680 McKenna Rogan
Louisville High School 053802 McKenna Rogan
Loyola High School 051685 Annie Huerta
Lycée International de Los Angeles. 051694 Rhea Singh
Lynwood High School 051885 Jamika Williams
Magnolia Science Academy 5 054483 Hannah Nizinksi
Magnolia Science Academy 2 054475 Hannah Nizinksi
Magnolia Science Academy 4 054468 Michael Harrahill
Malibu High School 051896 Scott Wilson
Manual Arts Senior High School 051700 Jamika Williams
Maranatha High School 052686 Barry Chaiveera
Marco Antonio Firebaugh High School 052039 Jamika Williams
Mark Keppel High School 050055 Scott Wilson
Marlborough School 051710 Mike Drish
Mary Star of the Sea High School 053200 Angie Solares
Marymount High School 051715 Jamika Williams
Math, Science, and Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High School 054436 Jasmin Pivaral
Mayfair High School 051348 Stephanie Hartfield
Mayfield Senior School of the Holy Child Jesus 052395 Barry Chaiveera
Maywood Academy High School 053998 Angie Solares
Middle College High School 051722 Arni Daroy
Miguel Contreras Learning Complex 054053 Jamika Williams
Milken Community School 051727 Ffiona Rees
Mira Costa High School 051895 Ffiona Rees
Monrovia High School 052015 Barry Chaiveera
Montebello High School 052029 Scott Wilson
Morningside High School 051262 Jasmin Pivaral
Mountain View High School 050837 Annie Huerta
Narbonne High School 051140 Angie Solares
Nava College Preparatory Academy 054826 Angie Solares
New Covenant Academy 051729 Omar Habib
New Designs Charter School 054025 Jimmy Aguilar
New Millennium Secondary School 050512 Tanner Weaver
New Open World Academy 054457 Camille Porter McAvoy
New Roads School 053287 McKenna Rogan
New West Charter School 054663 Veronica Louise Mendoza
Nogales High School 051357 Evie Klaassen
North High School 053520 Angie Solares
North Hollywood High School 052145 Barry Chaiveera
Northridge Academy High School 053879 McKenna Rogan
Northview High School 050703 Scott Wilson
Norwalk High School 052167 Stephanie Hartfield
Notre Dame Academy 051730 Scott Wilson
Notre Dame High School 053370 McKenna Rogan
Oakwood School 052146 Gary Clark
Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School 051811 Emma Edmond
Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School 051781 Jasmin Pivaral
Pacific Hills School 051547 Stephanie Hartfield
Pacifica Christian High School 054005 Lindsey Knight
Palisades Charter High School 052327 Scott Wilson
Palmdale High School 052315 Ashley Zhang
Palos Verdes High School 052358 Ffiona Rees
Palos Verdes Peninsula High School 052683 Ffiona Rees
Panorama High School 054081 Jasmin Pivaral
Paraclete High School 051356 Rhea Singh
Paramount High School 052365 Stephanie Hartfield
Pasadena High School 052401 Barry Chaiveera
Phineas Banning High School 053785 Angie Solares
Pilgrim School 051752 Michael Hess
Pioneer High School 053760 Scott Wilson
Polytechnic School 052402 Barry Chaiveera
Pomona High School 052505 Jamika Williams
Port of Los Angeles High School 054055 Kristen Tang
Providence High School 050402 Stephanie Hartfield
PUC California Academy for Liberal Studies 051548 Guransh Singh
PUC Community Charter Early College 054065 Ashley Zhang
PUC Lakeview Charter High School 054519 Kosi Ogbuli
PUC Triumph Charter High School 054532 Kosi Ogbuli
Quartz Hill High School 052543 Itzel de la Torre
Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts 054376 DJ Malloy
Ramona Convent Secondary School 050060 Itzel de la Torre
Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School 054525 Angie Solares
Redondo Union High School 052600 Ffiona Rees
Reseda High School 052620 McKenna Rogan
Ribet Academy 051058 Olivia Shipp
Rio Hondo Preparatory School 050133 Kosi Ogbuli
Responsible Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship (RISE) at Augustus Hawkins High School 054634 Kristen Tang
Robert A Millikan High School 051476 Angie Solares
Robert Fulton College Preparatory School 054030 Ally Crinklaw
Rolling Hills Preparatory School 052681 Melanie Beecher
Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School 051758 Stephanie Hartfield
Rosemead High School 052685 Annie Huerta
Sacred Heart High School 051760 Colton Plourde
Saint Anthony High School 051500 Angie Solares
Saint Bernard High School 052487 Annie Huerta
Saint Francis High School 051311 Barry Chaiveera
Saint Genevieve High School 053631 Nick Edman
Saint John Bosco High School 050260 Jamika Williams
Saint Joseph High School 051349 Jimmy Aguilar
Saint Lucy's Priory High School 051075 Leah Bayers
Saint Mary's Academy 051780 Charlie Villalpando
Saint Monica Catholic High School 053310 Barry Chaiveera
Saint Paul High School 053761 Jamika Williams
Saint Pius X - Saint Matthias Academy 051232 Olivia Shipp
San Dimas High School 052894 Scott Wilson
San Fernando High School 052905 Stephanie Hartfield
San Gabriel Academy 053054 Kellie Carlson
San Gabriel High School 053055 Faith Pigeon
San Gabriel Mission High School 053061 Itzel de la Torre
San Marino High School 053158 Barry Chaiveera
San Pedro High School 053195 Angie Solares
Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School 050514 Michael Hess
Santa Fe High School 053300 Scott Wilson
Santa Monica High School 053320 Barry Chaiveera
Santee Education Complex 053974 Jamika Williams
Saugus High School 053336 McKenna Rogan
School of Arts and Enterprise 053993 Nick Edman
School of Law and Government at Roosevelt High School 054432 Jasmin Pivaral
School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at Roosevelt High School 054435 Jasmin Pivaral
School of Social Justice - Contreras Learning Center 054695 Jamika Williams
School of Visual Arts and Humanities 054243 Amanda Martin
Schurr High School 052037 Scott Wilson
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Legacy High School 054649 Angie Solares
Shalhevet High School 051792 Ffiona Rees
Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies 052617 McKenna Rogan
Sierra Canyon School 054038 McKenna Rogan
Sierra Vista High School 050228 Jamika Williams
Students on the Academic Rise (SOAR) High School 051869 Tiana Reneau
Social Justice Humanitas Academy 054542 Emma Rosenberg
Social Justice Leadership Academy at Esteban E. Torres High School 054444 Omar Habib
South East High School 053980 Jasmin Pivaral
South El Monte High School 053404 Annie Huerta
South Gate High School 053400 Angie Solares
South High School 053522 Angie Solares
South Hills High School 050704 Scott Wilson
South Pasadena High School 053410 Barry Chaiveera
Southlands Christian School 053681 Alexa Garcia
STEM Academy of Hollywood 054624 Hannah Goldberg
Sun Valley High School 054363 Veronica Louise Mendoza
Susan Miller Dorsey High School 051795 Mike Drish
Sylmar High School 052908 Jasmin Pivaral
Synergy Quantum Academy 054531 Michael Hess
Temple City High School 053495 Jamika Williams
Theodore Roosevelt High School 051805 Annie Huerta
Thomas Jefferson High School 051815 Angie Solares
Torrance High School 053523 Angie Solares
UCLA Community School 051662 Amanda Martin
Ulysses S. Grant High School 053633 Jasmin Pivaral
University High School 051825 Annie Huerta
USC Hybrid High School 054673 Leah Bayers
Valencia High School 053608 McKenna Rogan
Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences 054548 Omar Habib
Valley Christian High School 050157 Stephanie Hartfield
Valley Torah High School 052136 Simran Kang
Valor Academy Charter School 054728 Tanner Weaver
Van Nuys High School 053635 Jasmin Pivaral
Vaughn International Studies Academy 054015 Amanda Martin
Venice High School 051828 Barry Chaiveera
Verbum Dei High School 051829 Jasmin Pivaral
Verdugo Hills High School 053545 Jasmin Pivaral
Viewpoint School 050423 Gary Clark
Village Academy High School 052537 Charlie Villalpando
Village Christian High School 053468 Jasmin Pivaral
Vistamar School 053973 Alexa Garcia
Visual and Performing Arts High School at Legacy Learning Complex 054642 Angie Solares
Vivian Webb School 050599 Mike Drish
Wallis Annenberg High School 051728 Camille Porter McAvoy
Walnut High School 053676 Mike Drish
Warren High School 050771 Scott Wilson
Webb School of California 050600 Mike Drish
West Adams Preparatory High School 054225 Angie Solares
West Covina High School 053738 Scott Wilson
West High School 053521 Angie Solares
West Ranch High School 053864 McKenna Rogan
Westchester High School 051830 Annie Huerta
Westridge School for Girls 052420 Barry Chaiveera
Whittier High School 053765 Scott Wilson
Wildwood School 051852 Mike Drish
William Howard Taft Charter High School 053806 McKenna Rogan
William J. Pete Knight High School 052491 Lindsey Knight
William S. Hart High School 052120 McKenna Rogan
Windward School 053323 Ffiona Rees
Woodrow Wilson High School - Long Beach 051505 Angie Solares
Woodrow Wilson High School - Los Angeles 051840 Stephanie Hartfield
Workman High School 050583 Jamika Williams
Yeshiva University High School of Los Angeles 051843 Stephanie Hartfield
YULA Boys High School (Yeshiva University High School) 051841 Stephanie Hartfield