FAQs from Transfer Applicants

Here are the most common questions we get from transfer applicants who are planning to apply to UCLA.

Q: What is the next available term that I can apply to UCLA?

A: The UC Application for fall admission to UCLA opens on August 1. The submission period is November 1 - 30.

Q: How do I apply?

A: You can fill out and submit a UC application on the University of California's admissions site during the filing period.

Q: Where do I send transcripts or letters of recommendation?

A: UCLA does not usually want letters of recommendation or transcripts for the admission selection process. Our review is based on self-reported information provided on the UC Application form. In the event that we would need anything like this from you during our selection process, we would request them from you specifically.

Exception: Applicants to the Film and Television major will need to submit two letters of recommendation as part of the supplemental application procedures.

Students who are admitted (and who intend to enroll) are required to submit official transcripts; instructions about where and when to send transcripts are included in the admission packets.

Q: How do I sign up for my admission interview?

A: UCLA does not have an interview process. Applicants to non-arts majors are reviewed solely based on information contained in their applications. (Applicants to Dance, Ethnomusicology, Music, or Theater will, however, need to audition—see below.)

Q: What should I say in my answers to the personal insight questions?

A: The personal insight question choices can be found in the UC Application. We use the personal insight question answers to learn more about you as an individual and to understand the experiences, accomplishments, and points of view you would bring to UCLA's undergraduate student community. The personal insight questions are just that—personal, and give you an opportunity to discuss attributes and experiences that may not be evident through a review of your academic record.

Link here for some basic tips

Q: I'm planning to apply to the Art (Architectural Studies, Design, Film and Television, Music, Theater, World Arts and Cultures) major for fall, what additional information is required?

A: Depending on your major, you will have to submit a portfolio or perform an audition (in addition to other requirements). Follow the links below for detailed information on supplemental requirements and how to complete them.

Q: Where do I get information on Financial Aid or scholarships?

A: Some scholarship information is listed in the UC Application, but most financial aid is dependent on the amount of money the school has for a particular quarter and the needs of the students attending. The first step in finding out whether you qualify for financial aid is to file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form between January 1 and and March 2 for aid beginning in the following fall term. For more information, contact the UCLA Financial Aid Office.

Q: How do I get my past college coursework evaluated so that I have an idea of what college coursework is transferable to UCLA?

A: If you are attending a California community college, the Transfer Center at your school will have an articulation agreement that lists all courses that are transferable to the UC system. You can also review the articulation agreements online at www.assist.org If you are attending a UC campus, all courses among UC campuses are transferable. If you are attending any other four-year institution, we do not have articulation agreements between your school and ours. We suggest that you review the course descriptions from the UCLA General Catalog and compare it to the catalog from your school. If we offer a course that is similar in content to a course that you have taken at your institution, you will probably receive credit for that course here. We do not complete an official evaluation of transferable coursework until a student has been officially admitted to UCLA and transcripts have been received.

Q: What courses from my school would fulfill the transfer Math Requirement at UCLA?

A: Completing a math course that lists as a prerequisite Intermediate Algebra can fulfill the Math Requirement. Usually this can be a course in College Algebra, Statistics, Finite Math, or Calculus. Each school is different, so if you attend a California community college, check with your Transfer Center (or counseling office) to verify which course is acceptable. Or, you can view your school's articulation agreement online at www.assist.org

Q: What is the highest (or lowest) number of units I can transfer to UCLA?

A: When students transfer to UCLA, they must be at junior level. That means a student must have at least 90 quarter (60 semester) and no more than 129 quarter (86 semester)* units.

*Students transferring to UCLA from 2-year colleges get a maximum of 105 quarter units applied to their degrees. Therefore, a 2-year college transfer with more than 129/86 units will still be considered a junior.

Q: Can I apply to UCLA as an undeclared major?

A: No. Transfer students must apply to a specific major. One reason for this is that UCLA policy requires that all students declare their major by the time they reach junior standing. Another reason is that transfer applicants are expected to complete lower division preparation coursework for their intended majors before transferring.

Q: Can I sit down with a counselor and plan the courses I should be taking?

A: Unfortunately, due to the high volume of prospective applicants we are unable to sit down individually with students to help them plan future courses. All transfer students are reviewed in terms of the major they choose. Since admission is based on whether the student has fulfilled the lower-division preparation courses for that major, the major-specific preparation section of our Transfer Admission guide will give you an idea of preparation courses you will need to have taken before entering UCLA. If you are currently attending a California community college, you can also receive counseling through the Transfer Center at your school or review the articulation agreements (lists of transferable coursework from your college to the UC system) online at www.assist.org UC advisors visit most community colleges every year and offer counseling appointments to students. To sign up for an appointment and to verify whether a UC representative will visit your school, contact the Transfer Center at your community college.

Q: I'm an international student; do I need to take the ACT, SATs or just the TOEFL?

A: Transfer applicants do not need to take ACT/SAT exams. International applicants whose language of instruction is not English are also required to take either the Test of English as as Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

More on the TOEFL/IELTS

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