Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson is a first-year transfer student from Compton Community College graduate and current African American Studies major. While receiving his AA degree in Political Science, Joshua was actively engaged in multiple student organizations, including being one of the founding members of the Multi-Cultural Alliance and recently serving as President of the campus' Associated Student Body. Throughout his term as ASB President, he helped develop a homeless initiative for students on campus, competed in novice debate competitions, as well as assisted the college in gaining its initial accreditation and official "Compton Community College" name.

Due to his determination and passion for change, this fall 2018 Joshua has continued his education at the University of California Los Angeles where he hopes to strengthen his academic pedigree and leadership skills. Joshua is looking forward to using his new role as STOMP Coordinator to continue serving California Community College students by utilizing the knowledge he has gained to motivate and inspire through mentorship.