Alternate Major Reviews --
Transfer Alliance Program[1]

As a Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) participant, if you are not selected for admission to your first-choice major, we will also review your application for an alternate major. This review is subject to the following restrictions:

    • Your alternate major must have been specified on your original UC application at the time you submitted it. Requests to add an alternate major after you submit will not be considered.
    • Your alternate major must be within the College of Letters and Science, and cannot be one of the following highly selective majors:
      • Biology
      • Pre-Business Economics
      • Communication
      • Pre-Economics
      • English
      • Pre-Global Studies
      • Pre-Human Biology and Society (B.A. and B.S.)
      • Pre-International Development Studies
      • Pre-Mathematics/Economics
      • Pre-Mathematics, Financial Actuarial
      • Pre-Political Science
      • Pre-Psychology
      • Pre-Sociology
      • Pre-Statistics

    1. This policy applies to certified TAP participants only. Generally, we do not review non-TAP applicants for admission to alternate majors.