Placement Exams

Math Diagnostic Test

If you plan to enroll in Math 1 - Pre-Calculus, Math 3A - Calculus for Life Science Students, or Math 31A - Calculus and Analytical Geometry, you must take the online Math Diagnostic Test.

If you plan to take the exam, it is available online beginning May 1, 2018. Please complete the exam before July 1, 2018 so that your placement will be available at New Student Orientation, thus allowing you to enroll in the appropriate course. There is a $20 non-refundable charge since the test is operated by a third party (ALEKS).

Foreign Language Placement Exams

The various schools/colleges within UCLA have different requirements for Foreign Language, and it’s possible that you have already fulfilled the requirement. At New Student Orientation, your advisor will address these requirements and advise you on where to find your foreign language placement exam, if needed.

If you do not attend New Student Orientation, you will have the opportunity to address these questions if you attend a New Student Workshop offered in September.

Music Theory Placement Exam

Students admitted to the Ethnomusicology, Music, or Musicology majors must take the Music Theory Placement Exam. This exam is offered during first-year New Student Orientation sessions.